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Product Spotlight

Cut Smarter

You make smart choices every day. Why stop there? The choice to use restriction enzymes from New England Biolabs is now even easier.

  • Choose from >200 restriction enzymes supplied with a single buffer - CutSmart Buffer

  • Simplify your double digest reactions

  • Reduce your pipetting steps by no longer having to add BSA

  • Now that's Smart!

    Visit for more information on the smarter choice of restriction enzymes.

    Fidelity at its finest

    Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase sets a new standard for both fidelity and performance.

    Five quality features of Q5:
    • Fidelity - the highest fidelity amplification available (>50X higher than Taq)
    • Robustness - high specificity and yield with minimal optimization
    • Coverage - superior performance for a broad range of amplicons (from high AT to high GC)
    • Speed - short extension times
    • Amplicon length - robust amplifications up to 20 kb for simple templates, and 10 kb for complex
    Product Overview

    Make ends meet

    New England Biolabs seeks to transform your cloning with the Gibson Assembly Cloning Kit.

    • Assemble multiple DNA fragments and transform in just under two hours
    • Clone into any vector with no additional sequence added
    • No PCR clean up-step required
    • Includes Gibson Assembly Master Mix and NEB 5-alpha Competent E. coli
    • High transformation efficiencies, even with assembled fragments up to 20 kb
    Product Overview

    Literature & Resources

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    Competent Cells

    For cloning experiments choose from several high efficiency competent cell strains. These E. coli strains are T1 phage resistant and are endA deficient for high quality plasmid preparations. NEB 5-alpha strains are enhanced DH5α™ derivatives, while NEB 10-beta is a DH10B™ derivative. NEB also offers a unique fast growing strain (NEB Turbo) and a dam/dcm strain.

    NEB offers several strains with varying levels of expression control, each with phage T1 resistance and extremely high transformation efficiencies:

    SHuffle strains enable disulfide bond formation in the cytoplasm.

    BL21 (DE3) is available for routine T7 expression in addition to Lemo21(DE3) for tunable expression of difficult targets such as membrane proteins, toxic proteins and proteins prone to insoluble expression.

    • Free of animal products
    • T1 phage resistance (fhuA2) Media and control plasmid included with most strains
    • A variety of convenient formats, including single use transformation tubes and, on request, 96 well plates
    • Bulk sales capabilities with custom packaging.
    • No additional dry ice charge

    Request your copy or download PDF of our Competent Cell Brochure