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Airgas - Dry Ice and CO2 Supply Chain Constraints - Thursday, September 8, 2022

For the next 2 months, Airgas will be closely watching and coordinating their Dry Ice and CO2 delivery commitments for the UPENN campus.  Airgas is currently experiencing Supply Chain issues due to lack of raw material availability.  With UPENN being a strategic suppler for Airgas, they will be delivering Dry Ice and CO2 across the campus.  However, as a preventative measure, let’s please keep an eye on Dry Ice and CO2 inventory levels and maximize the Dry Ice usage across campus.  Nitrogen and Helium remains unaffected.

If there are any concerns, please reach out to me at:


Sourcing Manager: Michael Talley


Phone: 215.898.2482


Airgas Points of Contact

Dry Ice: