Some businesses have been receiving illegitimate email requests from Penn asking for basic information such as company website, catalogue, and contact information.  Messages we have seen so far purport to be from a former Penn employee and appear to originated from  This message can simply be deleted and you may optionally report the fraud attempt with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (   If you have responded to this bogus inquiry, please let us know for further evaluation by contacting us at

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Changes to Penn Marketplace on April 6


Effective Monday, April 6, Penn Marketplace will have a few minor changes to the look of how users navigate the system.  The left-hand and top navigation bars will feature an overall color scheme, which is designed to render a cleaner and easier way to navigate Penn Marketplace.

Left-Hand Navigation Menu:

Old View                          New View

Old and new views


As before, you can turn the icon labels on and off by clicking the toggleToggle found at the bottom of the side navigation bar.

Top Navigation Menu:
Profile and action items offer users a new way to search. Below is the old and new views of the Profile, Action Items, and Search box.

Figure - 1 Old Top Navigation Section

Figure 1

Figure - 2 New Top Navigation Section

Figure 2

If you have any questions, please contact .

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