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Introducing the New BEN Helps Support Portal

Dear Penn Purchasing, Travel, and Financial Systems Users,

On behalf of the financial systems support teams and the related central functional teams in both the Division of Finance and Business Services, we are pleased to announce that on February 1, Penn will launch the new BEN Helps Support Portal.  The new BEN Helps Support Portal is a consolidated ‘single-stop’ for end-user support and services for various University systems and functional teams.

What is the BEN Helps Support Portal?

The BEN Helps Support Portal will feature an extensive library of Solution Articles that greatly increase your self-service options, as well as electronic forms, links to relevant trainings and user guides. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can submit a customer service request that will generate a ticket that will be addressed by the appropriate support team in a timely manner.

For BEN Financials users, this support portal will replace the BEN Knows content on the Division of Finance website. The DOF website is also launching a new design on February 1 and will include prominent links to access BEN Helps content. After the portal and the website go live, we encourage you to review your bookmarks and update them as needed.

Purchasing and Travel Services users will be able to take advantage of new functionality in the support portal which consolidates frequently used how-to type of information, including policies and forms, which are currently spread out across the two websites, in not so easily searchable formats. Also included as part of the portal, is a help desk ticketing function which will allow website users to easily and efficiently submit questions and problems and track them to final resolution.

Can I Still Email and Call for Support?

For your convenience, we are linking many of the customer service email addresses that you currently use to the BEN Helps Support Portal, allowing us to automatically create a ticket and respond more efficiently to your inquiries. If you do send an email, you do not need to copy multiple support email addresses, as they will all be linked to the BEN Helps Support Portal. You can also continue to call the BEN Helps phone line at 215-746-HELP.

What Systems and University Central Functional Teams are Included in the BEN Helps Support Portal?

University Systems Supported through the BEN Helps Support Portal:

-          BEN Financials

-          SAP Concur, Travel & Expense Management

-          The Penn Marketplace

-          MarkView – Imaging

-          APEX – Reporting

-          Greenphire ClinCard

-          Payroll Reallocations

-          BEN Deposits – Training & Access


University Central Functional Teams included in the BEN Helps Support Portal:

-     Business Services:

  • Penn Travel Services
  • Procurement Services (including Card Programs)

-     Division of Finance:

  • Disbursements: Accounts Payable/Greenphire ClinCard/Other Disbursements
  • Financial Systems & Training: Applications Group and Financial Training Department

On February 1, we will share information on how to access the BEN Helps Support Portal. If you have questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Systems & Training Applications Group Director Kristy Owen at


BEN Helps Support Portal Project Team