Some businesses have been receiving illegitimate email requests from Penn asking for basic information such as company website, catalogue, and contact information.  Messages we have seen so far purport to be from a former Penn employee and appear to originated from  This message can simply be deleted and you may optionally report the fraud attempt with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (   If you have responded to this bogus inquiry, please let us know for further evaluation by contacting us at

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Upcoming Changes to the Penn Marketplace - Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Effective Monday, April 12, 2021 the Penn Marketplace will have a new look and feel! You will notice that documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices and Shopping Carts in the Penn Marketplace have a new modern and consistent layout.  This is to promote a unified experience regardless of the document you are viewing.  The shopping experience is also being updated to fit more product search results on a single page and widgets will be consistent with the new document widgets and searching tools. What isn’t changing are form requests like New Supplier Requests and Non-PO Payment Requests, those will remain the same.   Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.

Notable changes to Carts (Requisitions), Purchase Orders and Invoices in the Penn Marketplace are:

1)      All “available actions” on the respective documents are now centrally located on the left by clicking the down arrow below the document type.


2)      Related documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices and Requisitions are moved to the right for easier access.


3)      The approvals tab, used to find workflow and approval history, is now located on the right under the section “What’s next?”.

Notable changes to the Product Search Results and shopping experience.

1)      Product search results are now rendered as squares or tiles to fit more results on one page.

2)      Clicking on a result renders more detailed information.

3)      Search filters are now collapsible and on left.


4)      On demand loading search results.  Load more results by scrolling to the bottom of the page.