Some businesses have been receiving illegitimate email requests from Penn asking for basic information such as company website, catalogue, and contact information.  Messages we have seen so far purport to be from a former Penn employee and appear to originated from  This message can simply be deleted and you may optionally report the fraud attempt with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (   If you have responded to this bogus inquiry, please let us know for further evaluation by contacting us at

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Water and Coffee Services Information for Reentry

December 23, 2020


As we begin to return to campus, water and coffee services that have been dormant for months should be thoroughly cleaned.  Information on Quench water systems, ReadyRefresh water coolers, and Keurig machines follows.  Other services should be contacted directly for their recommended cleaning information.

Quench Systems:

Email requesting a “PM.” It would be best to include the q# located on top of each specific unit that a PM is being requested for, but at a minimum please have the departments include a D# and address of the unit to make sure the work orders get put in correctly.


Remove 99.9% of bacteria from your water dispenser with their new Professional Cleaning Service.  If your office will be opening in 2021, please schedule a cleaning/sanitization. The tech takes apart the cooler and thoroughly cleans the dispenser.    The charge of $59.99 per dispenser will simply be added to your next monthly statement.   If you would like to schedule service, please email david.white@waters.nestle.comor call him directly at 267-688-3911.

Telrose/Office Depot Coffee Services:

Keurig Cleaning

Keurig Deep Cleaning