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Covid-19 Safety Requirements for Contractor Personnel

Important Notice

COVID-19 Vaccination, Booster and Other Requirements for Contractor Personnel

Issued: February 2022

Full Vaccination Requirement

All Contractor personnel working onsite at the University of Pennsylvania must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  This means having received two doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or a single dose COVID-19 vaccine two weeks prior to coming on campus.

Booster Requirement

All Contractor personnel working onsite also must have received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. Any Contractor personnel not yet eligible for a booster must receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot within 30 days of booster eligibility. Booster eligibility occurs five months after the second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and two months after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Health and Safety Precautions

To protect the health and safety of the University community, Contractor is responsible for ensuring that all Contractor personnel coming on campus:

  1. Mask at all times while indoors in any public or shared space on campus.
  2. Complete PennOpen Campus each day the Contractor personnel comes to campus. PennOpen Campus is a web-based vaccination, symptom, and exposure questionnaire that can be completed from a mobile device or computer.  PennOpen Campus can be accessed at A green pass is required to come on campus.

Medical and Religious Exemptions

If Contractor has granted any Contractor personnel a medical or religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccination, Contractor must:

  1. Ensure that any personnel with medical or religious exemptions are completing a COVID-19 PCR screening test at least weekly or an antigen test for COVID-19 at least twice per week. This testing is not provided by the University.
  2. Discuss with Contractor’s relationship manager whether any additional accommodations for those with exemptions may be required to ensure a safe work environment. It may not be possible to accommodate Contractor personnel with vaccination exemptions in all situations.


For all Contractor personnel working onsite at the University, Contractor must retain the following information and provide this to their relationship manager, if requested:

  1. Total number of Contractor personnel working on campus.
  2. Total number of Contractor personnel who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  3. Total number of Contractor personnel who have received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.
  4. Total number of Contractor personnel with medical or religious exemptions.


If Contractor has engaged any Subcontractors to perform work at the University, Contractor is responsible for notifying such Subcontractors of the COVID-19 vaccination and booster requirements as well as the other requirements described in this notice and for ensuring Subcontractors’ compliance with these requirements.