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Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products Are Now Available From EMSCO/Fisher - Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019

Please be advised that purchase requirements for BEN Buys supplier Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products (BEN Buys Supplier #303507) are now available from EMSCO/Fisher Scientific (BEN Buys Supplier #610895).

The Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products purchasing site in the BEN Buys supplier database has been deactivated. Purchase orders for all new Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products requirements are to be issued to EMSCO/Fisher Scientific.

Please direct any questions regarding Spectrum Chemical & Laboratory Products to either Michael Wilson, the Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products Account Sales Representative, or to any of the following EMSCO/Fisher Scientific personnel listed below:


Supplier Contact Information

BEN Buys Supplier #:


On-Site Customer Support:
Phone #:
Fax #:

Colleen Giammarco

Sr. Sales Representative:
Phone #:

Dena Cara

Sales Representative:
Phone #:

Rosh Roy

Sales Representative:
Phone #:

Anthony Ingenito


Sales Representative:
Phone #:

Patrick Oates, Ph.D.


Life Science Specialist
Phone #:

Hemang Barbhaiya


Laboratory Chemicals:


Gaby Torok