Some businesses have been receiving illegitimate email requests from Penn asking for basic information such as company website, catalogue, and contact information.  Messages we have seen so far purport to be from a former Penn employee and appear to originated from  This message can simply be deleted and you may optionally report the fraud attempt with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (   If you have responded to this bogus inquiry, please let us know for further evaluation by contacting us at

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Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to maximize the value we deliver to Penn and to be a trusted partner at all levels of the University by providing:

  • Best-in-Class Sourcing Methodology
  • A Customer-Centric, Collaborative Approach to Procurement
  • Innovative Sourcing and Procurement Solutions
  • Effective Communications with the Penn Community


Our vision is to be a full-service procurement partner to the Penn community, doing everything we can to ensure that the University's supply chain is enabling Penn to achieve education and research eminence.


In line with the values of the the Business Services Division, our core values are as follows:

  • Customer Focus - Delivering service to the University that is keenly focused on the best interests of our customers
  • Accountability - Good stewardship in all our business practices
  • Adaptability - Efficiently changing course when the situation or environment calls for it
  • Collaboration - Effective teamwork and strong partnerships across the team and the University
  • People Development - Building the knowledge and skills we need to grow and excel in our individual and departmental roles
  • Workplace Diversity - Embracing various backgrounds and perspectives in our workforce so we can best serve our broad customer base