Some businesses have been receiving illegitimate email requests from Penn asking for basic information such as company website, catalogue, and contact information.  Messages we have seen so far purport to be from a former Penn employee and appear to originated from  This message can simply be deleted and you may optionally report the fraud attempt with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (   If you have responded to this bogus inquiry, please let us know for further evaluation by contacting us at

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Collaborative Buying

National Collaborative Buying Initiatives

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I)
Procurement Services utilizes a strategic partnership with the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I) to leverage competitively bid contracts for member colleges and universities. These opportunities include regional contracts negotiated for the mid-Atlantic region as well as nationally awarded contracts.

Omnia Public Sector/Vizient (formerly National IPA/Vizient)
Procurement Services is a current participant with Omnia Public Sector/Vizient. Omnia Public Sector/Vizient offers an extensive range of contracting services and enhanced cost savings programs that serve the purchasing needs of nearly 2,500 members and affiliates. Procurement Services conducts price competitiveness evaluations to determine which of the Omnia Public Sector/Vizient contracts provide new cost savings opportunities for the institution

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania COSTARS
As a tax exempt, not for profit educational institution, Procurement Services is utilizing Commonwealth of Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program contracts that are made available by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS).

Local Collaborative Buying Initiative

Philadelphia Area Collegiate Cooperative (PACC)
Procurement Services is a member of the Philadelphia Area Collegiate Cooperative, a Philadelphia based higher education group purchasing organization. This regional group purchasing organization leverages the combined buying power of local institutions to achieve mutually beneficial contracting opportunities.

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