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Performance Metrics

At the University of Pennsylvania, the work of Procurement Services and the resolve of our senior leadership to place supply management on the leading edge of Penn's cost containment effort enables us to leverage our buying power and provide financial Return-on-Investment (ROI) that will impact the institution's bottom line.

Cost Containment

Metric Category Metric Overview
· Purchasing Cost Containment Documented cost savings and incremental value resulting from strategic sourcing initiatives

Strategic Sourcing

Metric Category Metric Overview
· Purchasing Contracting Summary New purchasing related preferred University-wide discount pricing agreements

Spend Management

Metric Category Metric Overview
Spend Data
· Preferred Contract Supplier Utilization Annual spend with Procurement Services-designated preferred contract suppliers
· Penn Marketplace Supplier Utilization Annual utilization levels with Penn Marketplace-enabled catalogs (catalog transactions as a % of all transactions)

Economic Inclusion

Metric Category Metric Overview
Spend Data
· Local Community Supplier Spend Annual purchase order spend with local community based suppliers (West and Southwest Philadelphia)
· Diversity Supplier Spend Annual spend with all diversity owned suppliers
· African American Supplier Spend Annual purchase order spend with all African American owned suppliers (subset of total Diversity spend)

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The following are the formal supply chain business strategies we use to achieve the annual performance goals listed below.

  • Spend Analysis
    Strategic review of School and Center specific spend data across all purchase and payment methods to increase compliance and identify new organization specific contracting and cost containment opportunities.
  • Strategic Sourcing
    Innovative supply base management initiatives to leverage the institution's buying power and maximize the value of strategic supplier business relationships.
  • Contract Management
    Development and implementation of university-wide best-in-class contract pricing agreements that provide the University community with "least total cost" for products and services required from external suppliers.
  • Collaborative Buying
    Utilize local, regional and national collaborative buying business partners to further leverage our buying power.
  • Compliance
    Promote faculty and staff compliance with procurement and disbursement financial policies and related procedures as well as utilization of University-authorized buying methods and contract suppliers.